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Join hands with Lamar Industrial, your steadfast ally in the vibrant KSA market. With 20+ years of expertise, we conquer challenges and script success stories. Our cutting-edge solutions illuminate the path to prosperity, bridging gaps, and fueling growth.

Who Are We?

Lamar Industrial is your trusted partner for Industrial Solutions in KSA. Empowering Growth Across Diverse Sectors – Oil and Gas, Renewables, Nuclear, Infrastructure, Power, Water, and More.

We are a catalyst empowering global products and companies to seamlessly enter, integrate, grow and succeed in the Kingdom.

Partner with us to ensure long-term success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Industrial Services in KSA

Importing and Supplying Critical Industrial Products in the KSA Market through Agency Agreements.

KSA Market Penetration

Navigating KSA's Industrial Sector: Advisory, Services, and Training for International Companies.

Our Partners and Subsidiaries

Industrial Solutions Highlights

Maximizing Success in KSA's Dynamic Landscape with Complete Industrial Services.

Pipeline Solutions

Delivering comprehensive pipeline solutions, offering premium services and expertise to meet your needs on a global scale

Pump Solution

Reliable and sustainable pump solutions driven by cutting-edge technology and operational excellence.

Offshore/Onshore Survey Services

Committed to safety, sustainability, and operational excellence for exceptional results in offshore and onshore services.

Engineering Solution

Precision-engineered solutions revolutionizing industries with unparalleled expertise and innovation.

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Our Clients

Featured Projects

Discover an Array of Successful Projects Reflecting Our Expertise and Dedication to Excellence Across Varied Industries.

Revolutionizing Offshore Infrastructure: Aramco Juaymah SPM Installation

Transforming Offshore Energy Infrastructure: Lamar Industrial's Remarkable SPM Installation Project for Aramco

Preserving Subsea Ecosystems: Aquabiota ROV Observation

Safeguarding Subsea Ecosystems: Lamar Industrial's ROV Observation at Finngrundet Windfarm

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