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Revolutionizing Industrial Pumps: Reliability, Sustainability, Unmatched Performance

Celebrate the Future of Industrial Pumps: DYCP (Dongyang Chemical Pump Co., Ltd.) and Lamar Industrial partner to deliver cutting-edge technology, operational excellence, and a new era in pumping solutions.

Our Commitment to Excellence

DYCP has been at the forefront of the pump industry for over 30 years, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the best products and services.

Cutting-edge technology for Precise Results

Our unwavering commitment to safety and precision is demonstrated through our dedicated, state-of-the-art testing facilities with real-time specification checks.

Evolving Design and Simulation

DYCP's Technology Center continuously advances design through diverse research, ensuring our products meet the evolving needs of refining and chemical plants

Quality Assurance from Start to Finish

Our in-house fabrication guarantees top product quality and satisfaction with precision ensured by state-of-the-art equipment.

Rigorous Testing for Top-Quality Goods

Every product undergoes rigorous testing, including hydrostatic, performance, and mechanical tests, to guarantee only the highest quality reaches our customers.

A Range of Services Tailored to Your Needs

DYCP delivers high-quality, fine-tuned solutions, shaped by our systematic approach and extensive experience, to meet your industrial and refining needs.

Fabrication Facilities

We employ high-precision processing technology to manufacture products that meet our customers' exacting quality standards

Machining Center
CNC / Universal Lathe
Radial Drilling Lathe

Test Facilities

We conduct comprehensive testing to verify if the customer's desired specifications, quality, and performance standards are met.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

The hydrostatic pressure test is carried out to check the pressure-bearing parts that have completed processing and welding.

Performance Test Mechanical Running Test

Mechanical stability (vibration, noise, temperature) is checked through testing and commissioning pump operation by checking the performance (flow, lift, power, efficiency, etc.) of assembled pumps in real time.

Our Clientele

Industries We Cater To

Refinery/Petrochemical/General chemical plant

Power generation plant

Industrial plant

Ready to Revolutionize Pumping Excellence?

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