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Empower your projects with Lamar Industrial's Comprehensive Pipeline Solutions. From top-tier global pipeline construction to optimized field joint coatings through semi-automated powder application, we provide access to specialized welding equipment and expert support.

Maximized Efficiency, Flawless Execution

Optimized Field Joint Coatings

Experience unmatched quality with our powder-applied coatings for onshore and offshore projects. Our coatings ensure lasting protection, meeting the most demanding industry standards.

Automatic Welding Excellence

As global leaders in automatic pipeline welding technology, we redefine efficiency and precision. Trust us to deliver flawless welds that stand the test of time.

Streamlined Construction Process

Our semi-automated Powder Application equipment, thoughtfully designed in-house, streamlines pipeline construction. Achieve the desired dry film thickness through meticulous cycles.

Tailored Services for Your Vision

Customizable technological solutions that adapt to your unique needs. Our specialized welding equipment, expert support, and tailored field joint coatings guarantee your success.

Streamlined Coating Process: Semi-Automated Powder Application

Equipment rotates around the field joint area in cycles, to achieve the desired dry film thickness (DFT)

Covering Vital Sectors

From Oil and Gas to Renewables, Nuclear, and Infrastructure, our solutions span critical sectors, ensuring the backbone of your projects is robust and reliable.

Oil and Gas Renewables



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